SAIL - Reefer


Frozen and Temperature-Controlled Cargo

SAIL is a leading specialist in frozen and refrigerated cargo.
Our team of highly trained specialists provide tailor-made solutions to ensure that your temperature sensitive cargo retains its premium quality and value at all times. We provide the best possible care throughout the cold chain, the fastest possible transit times and ship in accordance with strict health and safety specifications.

Fresh Cargo

  • biscuits and confectionery products
  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • fresh juices


Chilled Cargo

  • dairy products and eggs
  • fresh meats, poultry and seafood

Precise temperature control and airflow management keep perishable products fresh. Chilled temperatures slow respiration, maintain flavor, color and texture and extend shelf life.


Frozen Cargo

  • frozen bakery products
  • frozen concentrates
  • frozen convenience food
  • frozen meats, poultry and seafood

Fast and complete freezing preserves superior product quality. Micro-organisms are prohibited by freezing and enzyme activities and oxidative processes are slowed.


Reefer Management

SAIL offers the optimal refrigerated solution with state-of-the-art equipment and accurate monitoring systems:

  • Temperature management
  • Atmosphere management
  • Humidity management
  • Cold Treatment (CT)

SAIL understands the importance of maintaining the cold chain and offers the special handling you require:

  • Pre Trip Inspection
  • Pre Cooling
  • Packaging
  • Stowage
  • Data logger
  • GPS logger