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SustAInable Logistics

SustAInable Logistics

SAIL wants to actively protect our climate. We are creating a sustainable company, which will operate CO2 neutral by the end of 2020. It is our aim to reduce the company’s carbon footprint considerably by taking a number of measures.

  • SAIL offices use clean energy. We are recycling and use recycled products wherever possible. A number of steps have been taken to avoid and reduce plastic waste. Business travel by air is limited and when necessary CO2 is compensated. The number of business trips by train has increased. SAIL company cars will use plug in hybrid or electric technologies in the future. Ecosia is used as our search engine company wide, to support tree planting projects.

  • Reducing emissions throughout the supply chain is our target. We offer alternative modes of transportation and are selecting our vendors by their ability and strategy to reduce emissions. One big challenge in our industry is to reduce the emissions of container ships and we are supporting our carriers to reach their targets.

  • Transparency is the key. We offer full transparency to our customers and use carbon calculation tools to determine the carbon footprint for each container we are shipping.

  • Together with our customers, we are identifying projects for more sustainable and environmental friendly transportation. We are transferring shipments to alternative modes of transportation. We are reducing round trip by trucks and are improving load factors. Our ultimate goal is finding and using cleaner means of transportation for our customers.