SAIL - Buyer's Consolidation


REEFER & DRY Containers

Buyer’s consolidation combines several smaller shipments from different shippers to make up a dedicated Full Container Load (FCL).
It is an attractive option for customers with multiple orders from various manufacturers, who are located in different areas in Europe and who are shipping to a centralized warehouse.  

How is consolidation organized?

  • Individual LCL (Less-than-Container Load) consignments are delivered to a central warehouse near to the port of loading.
  • Cargo is packed and sealed in one dedicated container.
  • The full container is shipped to a centralized warehouse

The benefits are

  • Cost saving in comparison to LCL shipments
  • Full transparency for each shipment in the supply chain
  • Lower risk of damage due to reduced ‘on-again, off-again’ cargo handling
  • Environmental savings
  • Higher level of security than LCL shipments

REEFER Consolidation

SAIL offers both frozen and refrigerated cargo consolidation at the customers required temperature.
Cargo is delivered to a cold store and packed into a reefer container. The temperature is monitored at all times and the cargo is handled with the special care it requires.